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Cyaegha Necklace (pink)
Cyaegha Necklace (pink)Cyaegha Necklace (pink)Cyaegha Necklace (pink)

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Cyaegha Necklace (pink)

Cyaegha is a Great Old One, who sleeps beneath the mountain Dunkelhugel in Germany.
It is said that inhabitants of the nearby village of Freihausgarten are descendants of a Cyaegha worshipping cult.
The villagers are also completely unaware that they perform a monthly ritual that appeases the Great Old One, and binds him in his subterranean resting place.

This handmade pendant is cast in pink resin and measures 4.4cm x 5.8cm

Available on a gunmetal chain with lobster clasp, or on black waxed cord with slipknots.

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